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Hatha Prenatal Postnatal

Hej, Hello and Hallo!

Welcome at Your Yoga Home. I am Julia and looking forward to connecting and practicing Yoga with you!

To me, Your Yoga Home means that you have a happy place to feel like home: home with me, home with your body, home with Yoga in general. My Yoga classes therefore are undogmatic and a contemporary approach to the traditional Yoga philosophy. A mindful commerce to yourself, identifying your own limits but also strengths is a special matter to me. Feel like home at Your Yoga Home, either online or offline in my small little Yogaspace in Munich. My Yoga classes are mostly vinyasa inspired and tend to be steady but also flowing. To offer a balanced mix there are also calmer classes so that everybody finds a match: beginners or advanced level. I am an enthusiastic, compassionate and positive person who loves to be together with other humans, relax people as well as strenghten their body and inner souls. Check out my range of current classes & find your fit!


Designed for your needs



Start your day right: A balanced mix of pranayama, meditation and asana practice. Perfect for beginners as well as advanced levels.



Practice with support of your health insurance: this closed class is geared to each other to keep you healthy and balanced in the long term.


Connect with your body and your baby- Yoga and mindfulness during pregnancy.



Yoga and mindfulness after your pregnancy: Recommended at least three months after giving birth.

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"There is no path to happiness. Happiness is the path."


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Thank you!

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