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My name is Julia and I am happy that you have found your way to me: Welcome to Your Yoga Home!


I am an enthusiastic, compassionate and positive person who loves to be together with other humans, relax people as well as strengthen their body and inner souls.

During school, in 2005, I came in touch with Yoga and instantly fell in love with the asana practice- a perfect mix of strengthening, stretching and relaxation. I was already kind of stretchy due to my history in artisitc gymnastics and vaulting, but the addition of relaxation techniques and the connection to my body fullfilled me even more. I was able to calm my whole nervous system and was able to reduce my chronicle tention headache.


However, it took a while for me to find my Yoga Style between all the strict and traditional streams. In 2011, when I was living in London, I found "my style": a perfect mix of dynamic and restorative parts and a modern approach to the old, traditional Yoga philosophy. Exactly what I needed during that time, living in the humming, rushing yet modern inspiring City of London.

Since then, I included a regular and consistent practice, involved pranayama, meditation and mindfulness into my everyday life. After my return to Germany, I had the chance to take part in a small Yoga group, lead by a fantastic teacher. I have learned a lot about Yoga during this time and I got hooked with the idea of deepening my own Yoga practice and knowledge within a Yoga teacher training.  

In 2013, I moved to Munich and got in touch with Jenny Herzog and her beautiful gem "hemma". I knew that this would be the place to start my education, the only problem was- they did not offer a training during this time. My daily life as a PR consultant was stressful and got me out of balance every now and then. Thanks to Yoga- practiced simultaneously online and analog- I got back to my inner balance, was able to focus on important things and get back on track healthwise.


Finally, after giving birth to my son in 2015, and to my daughter in 2017, I ventured the step: I started my teacher training at Jenny Herzogs Yoga studio in association with the wonderful Catherine von Guenther and her academy "Essence of Soma". 


Since I loved being pregnant and everything coming along with motherhood, it became clear to me that I wanted to focus on that special time in a womans life and support becoming mamas to connect with their bodies and babies. Yoga helped me, my body and mind so much during pregnancy, involution and motherhood plus it even contributed through labour.  


In 2018, I started to teach Yoga classes with complete commitment in my own small studio: Your Yoga Home was established. Additionally, I teached various classes at Munichs community college and got the chance to accompany younger and older human beings on their journey.

In the beginning of 2020, my family and I moved to Sweden. Once settled into the new country, I set up my first online classes and started to teach Yoga classes in English in a wellknown Gym in Småland. Due to the affects of Covid-19, my family and I moved back to Germany after an inspiring year in beautiful Sweden. My classes are now taking place in Munich- live at my own Yogaspace, the Volkshochschule München, the Hebammenpraxis Herzensort or at the Happy Mind Yoga Studio Pasing. And thanks to online classes, I have students from the UK, Sweden and Germany.


I am looking forward to everything what is coming next!



About me: Über mich


November 2018 - March 2020

Yoga Teacher Training

Hatha-Vinyasa 300 hrs

Essence of Soma Academy, Munich

September 2018

Advanced Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training Postnatal

Inana Institute, Munich

April 2018

Advanced Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training Prenatal

Inana Institute, Munich

November 2017 - October 2018

Yoga Teacher Training

Hatha-Vinyasa 200 hrs

Essence of Soma Academy, Munich

I started to teach Yoga in my own space in 2018. In 2019, I started to teach various classes at the Volkshochschule  München. 2020 did I get the chance to overtake Yogaclasses in a Swedish Gym chain, to then begin teaching in Munichs beautiful Studio Happy Mind Yoga.

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